The Impact We Have Made

Meet The People & Organisations

A small showcase of people and organisations that we have worked with and support.

*This page is under construction! Please check back later for a more complete list and more information about the respective organizations and individuals. Entries on this page are in no particular order.

Biboy Pencilmc​

Opio Steven aka Biboy Pencilmc is a Ugandan-based dancer, creative facilitator, community builder and Hiphop activist.

Tereka Kenneth Desire​

A Ugandan-born, passionate choreographer, dancer, street theatre performer, and inclusive arts practitioner.

Kim-uli Steven Valentine Droplets

A Community social development practitioner. Dancer & social work/Artist.
part of Breakdanceprojectuganda, A non-profit organization using dance, Hiphop, art & education for empowerment & positive social change. Founded in 2006.

Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy​

Provides a platform for children and youth coming from difficult circumstances by training them in the traditional performing arts of Uganda and giving them a sense of belonging and providing a home.

Samuel Ibanda

a songwriter, actor, singer and dancer/choreographer.
Since 2006, he has been running his own dance company called 'Latin Flavor Uganda' , which specialises in using Latin dances for positive social change in the community.

Kagayi Ngobi​

An author, editor and “poetryneur”. He is also the founder of Kitara Nation, a Poetry Company whose mission is to build the nation through poetry.

Joana Mbabazi

She has a degree been in Arts: Dance and Drama from the Makerere University in Uganda.
She started dancing at the age of 15. She is trained in a variety of dances like Jazz, Modern Contemporary, Afro House, African Contemporary and different African traditional dances.

Erick Sama

active member of Breakdance Project Uganda, together with Kim-Uli Steven Valentine Droplets

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